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Advantage Harness Leather 5/8

Advantage Harness Leather 5/8" Reins


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Every rein, headstall and strap is selected from the finest domestic hides in the USA. We use Hermann Oak leather in all of our strap goods - no imported leathers are used that would lessen the quality of our product. Every side of leather is selected for its weight, thickness and length. Our strap goods are all hand cut, not machine cut, and are all hand edged to maintain the look and feel of a quality strap. The products are then hand rubbed with a sealer specially formulated for leather that actually seals, softens and protects the leather from the elements and prepares it for everyday use. Our strap goods need to be felt and compared to show the true quality of the product. We do that little extra to give a top quality product because we put our name on it. Don't make the mistake of comparing price only - these reins are unbeatable in quality!

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