Iron Silk Calf Rope from Fast Back Ropes

Iron Silk Calf Rope from Fast Back Ropes

03-Iron Silk

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“This rope remains consistent and lasts a long time with no maintenance”, says champion calf roper Jerome Schneeberger, who has been one of the professional calf ropers working with Fast Back GM and rope maker, Al Benson.  “People wonder why I don’t carry a rope can at ropings now, this rope is low maintenance- I love it!”

Historically, Fast Back Ropes has specialized in the finest quality, consistent and durable team rope.  Al Benson has been gathering feedback from calf ropers, steer ropers and break away ropers to design and build a calf rope that suits needs of ropers today.

“Too often calf ropers cater to their rope”, says Benson, “A roper’s rope should be one piece of the equation that a roper can depend on. With so many variables in a run (calf, horse, weather, ground, timing, etc.) the peace of mind that a consistent, great feeling rope brings is priceless”.