Don Orrell 3

Don Orrell 3" Offset Wood Stirrups


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Perfected in balance and feel, these 3", Offset stirrups offer the rider an advantage in events that require hard stops and slides, such as reining and cutting. They are also a favorite for those who traditionally have knee or hip pain with other types of stirrups.

Offset Stirrups: A favorite among many in the performance horse industry, the offset balance on this stirrup assists in keeping your heels down in those hard stops and slides. This stirrup style is available in 3" tread width. The inside width is 5.25". As with all of our stirrups, each layer of laminate is carefully selected so that each stirrup pair matches in wood grain pattern and color. The alternating 7 layers of laminate display two differing types of wood. This gives our stirrups a very distinctive style and added strength. The attention to detail continues with the the stained tread leathers, rounded over edges, and a very durable, exterior finish that will highlight the beautiful wood grains and patterns that make each pair unique.


Available in Walnut  (Wood Grains Vary)