Numotizine Poultice

Numotizine Poultice


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NUMOTIZINE® (“Numo”) is comforting poultice for animal care field, that provides amazing treatment and relief for sore stiff legs, muscle sprains, cramping, tendinitis, bruises and is also effective for painful swelling. It can be applied to areas of fresh muscular injury, bites and abscesses.


NUMOTIZINE®, known as “the pink stuff” in the veterinary world, has been widely used for over 50 years for muscle pain relief in race horses. It also works extremely well on rodeo, equestrian, show and riding horses, livestock and farm and hunting dogs.

NUMOTIZINE® one application lasts up to 8 to 10 hours and may be followed with a new application for continued treatment and relief. “Numo” may be used with oral medications (including infection) being given to the animal.


NUMOTIZINE® is medicated with guaiacol and methyl guaiacol for comfort and pain relief. Apply over the area of soreness and cover with a suitable bandage. “Numo” provides a degree of physical protection in addition to its comforting formula for reducing irritation. The product holds to the area of treatment due to bandaging.

Available 24 ounce or 3 pound