14" Martin Saddlery Cervi Crown C Rough Out Barrel Saddle


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  •  SPRS (Stirrup Positioning Rig Slot) holds fenders in forward position and offers resistance, keeping rider deep in the seat pocket
  •  Shortened seat jockey (distance between the swell and cantle) gives the rider increased stability without hindering her freedom to stand up and sit down when necessary
  •  Forward angled stirrups help keep the rider’s feet in front of her center of balance for better body position in the turns
  •  Though the stirrups are angled forward, they are designed to give the rider a full range of motion to cue the horse as needed
  •  Straight up and down saddle horn allows the rider to brace and support her body without losing balance
  •  Horn cap is shaped to fit perfectly in the rider’s palm, accommodating added support and comfort for those who prefer to grab the top of the horn
  •  Available with Adjustable Rig only